1.0 Automated Tests

1.1 LLT001

Test adding items:

doorstop/core/tests/test_tree.py (line 299)

Parent links: REQ003 Identifiers

1.2 LLT002

Test publishing Markdown:

doorstop/core/tests/test_all.py (line 590)

Parent links: REQ004 Formatting

1.3 LLT003

Test publishing text:

doorstop/core/tests/test_all.py (line 565)

Parent links: REQ007 Viewing documents

1.4 LLT004

Test getting items from a document:

doorstop/core/tests/test_document.py (line 283)

Parent links: REQ008 Interactive viewing

1.5 LLT005

Test referencing an external file by name:

doorstop/core/tests/test_item.py (line 583)

Parent links: REQ001 Assets

2.0 Inspection Tests

2.1 LLT007

These checks ensure the version control system (VCS) meets the needs of requirements management:

  • Verify the VCS includes a 'tag' feature.
  • Verify the VCS stores files in a permanent and secure manner.
  • Verify the VCS handles change management of files.
  • Verify the VCS associates changes to existing developer acccounts.
  • Verify the VCS can manage changes to thousands of files.

Parent links: REQ009 Baseline versions, REQ011 Storing requirements, REQ012 Change management, REQ013 Author information, REQ014 Scalability, REQ015 Installation

2.2 LLT008

These checks ensure the Python package is distributed properly:

  • Verify the installation can be performed on a new computer in fewer than 10 seconds.

Parent links: REQ015 Installation